For George, it didn’t take long for him to realize that Amal was the one. “I think about three days in, you could tell,” he told Access Hollywood. “I mean, I knew when I met her that she was so extraordinary and special. And then I wondered if I’d ever get a chance to date her.”

George and Amal were first seen in public together having dinner at a London restaurant in October 2013. Publications across the country wondered if the confirmed bachelor had a new woman in his life. However, George’s rep denied that they were dating at the time. But by February 2014, the two were holding hands at the White House screening of George’s movie The Monuments Men. One observer told People that the couple “were stuck like glue.”

In April 2014, George proposed to Amal over a romantic home-cooked meal. The proposal was so unexpected that Amal kept saying, “Oh my God,” and “Wow,” instead of giving an immediate answer. “Finally I just said, listen, I’m [52] and I’ve been on my knee now for about 28 minutes so I’ve got to get an answer out of this,” George told CBS This Morning. “I may not be able to stand back up.”

The wedding was planned later that year in the country where they first met. They tied the knot on Sept. 27, 2014 in Venice in front of around 100 guests, including Cindy Crawford, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Bono.So what drew George to Amal? “She’s an amazing human being and she’s caring,” Clooney told Entertainment Tonight. “And she also happens to be one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. And she’s got a great sense of humor. There’s a number of reasons why [I fell in love].” By the way he gushes about her, it’s clear George is smitten. “I have someone who I can talk to about anything and someone who I care more about than I’ve cared about anybody,” George told ABC News.George Clooney

These days, George, 55, and Amal, 39, have adjusted to life as husband and wife, continuing to work in their respective fields and spending time together at their homes in L.A., Italy, and England. George told, “Our only adjustments are figuring out our schedules. Our deal is that we can’t be more than a week apart. So far that’s worked out pretty well.” But we can only imagine more adjustments are on the way when those twins finally arrive!