Mary Thomaston couldn’t tell her 6-year-old daughter no again after she begged to have her hair dyed blue, purple, and yellow. Thomaston is a hairdresser, and her daughter, Lyra, is constantly exposed to her work.

“I’m always doing fun colorful hair. She sees it all the time, and I have it myself so of course she’s going to want it,” Thomaston said.

The mother agreed to transform her daughter’s hair, but she did not expect all the backlash. She showed off Lyra’s hair on Instagram, but the comments were quick to criticize.

“Sometimes we forget they’re little and not a little doll,” one person commented.

“Oh no I would never let my baby do this […] she can wait [until] she is older,” another said.

Thomaston told the commenters that the hair dye is nontoxic, not permanent, and not harmful, and that she even checked with Lyra’s school first. Still, people were judgmental. That’s when the mother decided to really fire back.

“Dear Haters, I have this weird goal of raising self confident, self assured children, who know and feel the freedom of self-expression. So when my child asks for blue hair, I tell her how much I like her choice and how beautiful she is,” Thomaston wrote. “I am not sure how you are raising your children, but keep your unwelcome opinions to yourself in regards to my child rearing. You do not like blue, cool, say so. You don’t like rainbow hair, cool, say that. These things are opinions you are entitled to, your disrespectful comments about my child are not. […] Oh, and keep your negativity off my page next time.”

Lyra has come out of her shell since being able to sport her unique look, and Thomaston believes that is what counts the most.

Mom Defends Letting Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Dye Her Hair Unicorn Colors


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