A woman has transformed her body into a work of art, after spending a total of 15 days in the tattooist’s chair.

Summer McInerney, from Brisbane, Australia, has spent a total of £13,000 getting herself inked, after initially planning to get just a single sleeve tattoo.

The 23-year-old model developed her ink addiction after meeting tattooist Coen Mitchell.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “When Coen finished off my sleeve, I loved it and thought it was really different.

“Pretty much straight away I wanted more and luckily he had a great idea for my upper thighs and bum.”

Summer gradually covered herself in more and more tats, with the ink moving from her arm to her stomach and chest.

She said: “The stomach and chest were a big deal for me when I got them done, but they actually weren’t the most painful!”

“I remember the middle of my chest – my sternum – it was unbearable.

“My feet were also pretty sore, but I’m about to get one of my feet lasered so that I can continue and finish my sleeve on my leg. I’m looking forward to that.”

Summer has garnered thousands of social media followers after sharing pics of her body-art online.

Omg. Couldnt wait. Check out what mr @greg_elkenhans an i created on our first shoot!! Elegance at its finest!

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She has over 31,000 followers on Instagram alone and has been featured in magazines showing off her body.

And she even plans to get more to complete her right and left legs, and then possibly her throat.

We hear a lot of tattoo stories here at TheLADbible, but I don’t think there’s any beating this one…

Apologies balcony and the people watching

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