Whether or not you’ve actually gained weight, there is no worse feeling in the world than feeling like you have. The scale may not actually reflect a difference at all, but feeling like a big, waddling balloon is enough to kill all your good vibes. But it’s not necessarily that you’re packing on the pounds—if you’re consistently feeling 50 shades of gross throughout the day, it could have to do with what you ate for breakfast. There are several foods that cause gas and bloating (read: will make you feel humongo all day long), so if any of these are in your regular morning meal rotation, you’re going to want to swap them out.

This 5 Foods Will Make You Feel Bloated All Day

1. Bread

If your busy, on-the-go breakfast involves popping a slice of bread in the toaster and chowing down between getting ready and getting out the door, or if you’re a loyal devotee to your morning avocado toast, you might want to consider what kind of bread you’re consuming. Wheat (AKA gluten) can cause digestive problems for many people, making you feel like crap all day long. If you’re sensitive to it, try swapping your bread for a gluten-free variety, or jump on the sweet potato toast trend.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the health foods of the moment right now thanks to its many nutritional benefits, like being high in both protein and calcium, but it may not be the best choice if it’s causing you to feel gassy or bloated. Many people have difficulty breaking down lactose, so if you’re consistently going Greek every morning, only to feel super bloated come lunch time, you might want to swap your bowl for oatmeal or dairy-free yogurt instead.

3. Apples

Fresh fruit might seem like a nutritionally sound addition to your breakfast, and it is, but pay attention to which fruits you’re choosing, because apples are high in fiber, which will leave you feeling (and maybe even looking) bloated. Yuck.

4. Cereal

If you’re starting your day with a high-fiber cereal, props to you for avoiding the sugary stuff, but it actually may not make you feel any better. Eating excess fiber, especially first thing in the morning, can definitely cause bloating and make your stomach feel totally distended, so if you’re experiencing this, maybe cross cereal off your morning meal list.

5. Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toastpancakes_740_486_s_c1

Nothing says weekend brunch like a short (OK, large) stack dripping with syrup, but starting your day off super carb-heavy is going to set you up for feeling crappy later on. Your muscles store a carbohydrate called glycogen, and each glycogen carb in turn stores 3 grams of water, so all that excess water you’re retaining=massive bloat. Consider going light on the carbs if you don’t want to balloon up later in the day.