With the help of a Tokyo artist, couples are getting closer than ever before. Haruhiko Kawaguchi vacuum seals couples in plastic as the subject for his photographs.

He finds couples in nightclubs or bars, brings them home with him, and covers them in lube before fitting them inside a plastic bag. After vacuum sealing the two, he quickly snaps a few photographs before ten seconds is up and the couple needs oxygen. In case anything goes wrong, Kawaguchi keeps a paramedic on hand.Couples Risk , Tokyo

Some people are hard to convince, while others are excited to be a part of his work. Requests from couples wanting these intimate photos have been rushing in despite the risks. Even newlyweds have commissioned Kawaguchi to take their wedding photos in the plastic bag.

About 400 couples have participated in total and no one has been hurt yet. However, reports from the subjects tell us that the experience is terrifying. Kawaguchi went through the process himself feeling overwhelming fear. One guy even peed himself during the shoot. A video showing Kawaguchi’s process is on the next page.

Couples Risk , TokyoCouples Risk , Tokyo