saddest polar bear

A NEW creature has taken up the mantel of “world’s saddest polar bear” after photos emerged of a depressed animal languishing in a Chinese Mall.

The former title holder, Arturo, fell into a depression after his partner died, and was dubbed the saddest white bear on the planet after photos emerged of him moping in his enclosure, at Argentina Zoo. After passing away at the beginning of July, a new animal has taken over as “world’s saddest polar bear”.

Horribly depressing photos of Pizza the polar bear have gone viral across the world.Living at the Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, near Hong Kong, shoppers have reported the arctic animal looks listless and sad.

Meet the world’s saddest polar bear – he’s called Pizza video

More than 285,000 people have signed a petition calling for the closure of an aquarium in southern China that is home to an animal described as ‘the world’s saddest polar bear’. The lethargic bear, whose name is Pizza, is on show at an ‘ocean theme park’ inside the Grandview shopping centre in the city of Guangzhou.

Dave Neale, the charity’s animal welfare director, has twice visited the mall where Pizza is, which charges £25 a ticket. He said the Grandview “represents the problems across the board with regard to polar bears and ocean parks in China.

“None of them meet the behavioural standards of these animals and they don’t have the space to expand these enclosures.”

The communist country plans to open at least 14 more ocean parks in the next two years, adding to the almost 40 which are already up and running.