It’s been a beautiful week for body positivity.


The real #metoo video is finally up! Missed that bass. Thank you everyone for the support

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First, Meghan Trainor shut down photoshop-happy video editors.

And then model Iskra Lawrence showed us just how easy it is to alter reality on Instagram.

She posted this side-by-side photo to show that by simply changing her posture, she can fake a coveted “thigh gap.”


✨ no thigh gap or thigh gap who cares. We all think we want different things and we should because we are all different, there's no wrong way just be the healthiest & happiest for you. I'll be the first one to tell you pics are all about good lightening and angles. Always remember social medias not real life never let anyone else's pics make you feel insecure about yourself. If you don't look like her and she doesn't look like you that's how it's meant to be. You are meant to be YOU no one else, your body is your home so love and respect it. When you look after it beautiful things happens ✨ #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

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It’s been shared and commented on thousands of times for its positive message: “No thigh gap or thigh gap, who cares? You are meant to be YOU no one else, your body is your home so love and respect it.”

Iskra has been the face of Aerie’s amazingly successful #AerieREAL unretouched campaign.

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And now, she’s joined forces with her best friend, Alex Light, to kick off the #HeartNotHate body positivity campaign that focuses on loving your friends as much as yourself.


✨ I'm so excited @alexlight_hello and I have something we'd love to share with you all. ✨I will dedicate all the time and platform I have to try and help improve healthy body image in the media. But really what it boils down to is we need to love ourselves more and each other. It can be tough when bombarded with campaigns saying love yourself, why don't you already? etc…but it's a journey. it won't happen over night and there are still days when I catch myself feeling insecure or down and you have to learn ways to turn those negative thoughts into positive. One way I love doing this is celebrating someone else. their strength, intelligence, wit, creativity or that they are having a bomb af hair day. When you spread positivity and love you receive it back. ‍❤️‍So this is why I hope you will join @alexlight_hello and I to #HeartNOThate w a friend or tag a friend and tell them what you love about them. Because the world needs less trolls, bullying and self deprecation and more self acceptance and celebration of others. why not have your whole squad feeling good and releasing they are special and beautiful because they are them. #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful ps find out what I love about this gf and all about why we wanted to create this campaign in our Facebook live video for @dailymail link in my bio have to scroll to find it (I didn't know it was live for like the first 5mins) .

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She encourages people to use the hashtag #HeartNotHate to share something they love about a friend’s body and tag other friends they want to nominate for the complimentary challenge.

And let’s end on this body positive and v practical note. #allthesnacks