The title for Easiest Thing to Make In the Kitchen is an age-old toss up between boiling water and freezing ice cubes. But apparently we’ve been doing one thing wrong while making our precious drink chillers: Using cold water. You read that right. Warm water is the secret to cutting down on the time it takes to freeze a tray.

We’ve been making ice cubes wrong all along

This mind-boggling phenomenon is known as the Mpemba effect by scientists and was discovered by a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba in 1969. While the explanation behind it is still not 100% clear, one theory is that since hot water evaporates faster, it reduces the volume left to freeze. Another possible reason? When you use cold water, a frost layer forms that acts as an insulator and contributes to a slower freezing rate.

Either way, we’ll gladly use this advice and remember to reach for the hot tap next time we’re in the mood for cold ice. (via Refinery29 )

From: Good Housekeeping