If you’re looking for a solution to your sleep woes, look no further than this list. From apps to a couple brilliant gadgets, here are some new apps and gadgets that’ll help you get a better night’s sleep whether you’re at home or on the road.


The tech world has taken note: in Apple’s latest iOS update, they announced the release of a new feature called Night Shift that will adjust the balance of your iPad or iPhone after sunset. Apple cited studies that have shown that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your circadian rhythms and make it harder for people to go to sleep.

 5 New Apps to Sleep Better Tonight

1. Sleep Better from Runtastic

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This app is definitely the top rated all-in-one sleep app for your phone. Place your phone by your bed every night and it’ll automatically track your sleep, giving you a better snapshot of when you’re most deeply asleep. It even has a smart alarm that wakes you up at the ideal time in a wake-up window that you set (rather than pull you out of a deep sleep at a set time, the alarm will go off when your phone senses when you’re in a lighter sleep cycle, so you don’t feel as tired in the morning.

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

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This is the app that started it all for me! Just position your smartphone near your pillow at night, turn on the app, and wake up to a daily readout of sleep trends.

3.Sleepyti.me – Sleep Calculator

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Did you know that you go through multiple sleep cycles throughout the night and that you might be feeling extra groggy in the morning because you woke up in the middle of one? Use this website to find out what time you should set your alarm for based on the time you’re headed to bed, or what time you should head to bed nightly to make it to work happy and on time!

4.Pzizz Sleep

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Need a gentle soundtrack to head to sleep but can’t stand the constant of white noise or music? This app will create a unique soundtrack nightly for you and will run for anywhere between ten minutes and ten hours!


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Maybe it’s not you but your sleep environment that’s causing problems? Enter SENSE, anobserver of not just your sleeping patterns, but the entire atmosphere of your sleeping environment. It takes measurements of the noise, light, temperature, humidity, and even the particles in the air and aligns them with your sleeping trends to help you make positive changes in the environment for sustained rest.