It wasn’t too long ago that BB creams blew up on the beauty scene as the must-have item to stash in your makeup bag. Considering the fact that beauty balms (that’s what the BB in BB cream stands for, by the way) are powerhouse multitaskers that can act as everything from a primer and concealer to a moisturizer and sunblock, we can’t say we’re surprised that these products quickly became a staple in many a gal’s beauty routine.

But don’t think that you have to break the bank to reap the many benefits of this little wonder product. In fact, there are many quality drugstore BB creams on the market that perform just as well — if not better — than their more expensive counterparts. But don’t take our word for it: We’ve scoured drugstore BB cream user reviews to see which balms got beauty babes buzzing. Above, the 7 best drugstore BB creams to buy now.

Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

NYX Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

If coverage is a concern, look no further. NYX devotees praise this product’s ability to hide every bump and blemish. But don’t think the fact that this BB cream can mask imperfections means it’s cakey; users also love it for its lightweight, hydrating feel.

NYX Cosmetics BB Cream, $12.99 at Ulta

Alisha from “I’ve recently switched to this BB cream and it’s a million times better than the one I was using! Matches my skin perfectly and provides so much more coverage. I’m amazed at how great this product works.”

Bree from “Full coverage, lightweight, blends well. I have fair skin, sensitive and redness. I don’t need a foundation on top of this because it has enough coverage.”

CoverGirl Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

Consumers are often disappointed with the narrow color options most BB creams offer. Reviewers laud this product for its diverse color range, citing it as one of the few BB creams on the market that offers viable shades for gals with dark or olive complexions.

Covergirl Smoothers BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer + Sunscreen SPF 21, $6.24 at Amazon.

Entropill from “Love to use this instead of foundation, as it is great for my skin. But with olive skin tones, it’s best to use the ‘medium to dark’ tint, which is hard for me to find in stores in my area. NO other store brand tinted moisturizer I have tried compares to Covergirl’s. It is non-greasy, smooth, and blends away blemishes. Love it!”

Kbear from “I have used this tinted moisturizer for many years. I have tried several other brands but always come back to CoverGirl. It is a good moisturizer with nice color with a light feel to it.”

Maybelline Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

Plagued by dark circles? Reviewers suggest reaching for this BB cream on mornings you haven’t managed to get your beauty rest. According to them, this lightweight formula will hide all evidence of under eye circles.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-In-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector, $8.99 at Ulta

Surflove123 from Ulta: “I have pretty bad dark circles, but I also have an extremely dry and sensitive under eye area. I have tried many concealers, high-end and low-end and by the end of the day my skin just gets flaky and irritated, and taking it off feels like I’m removing a layer of my skin, just worsening my dark circles. However, I always find myself returning to this product because it’s the ONLY product that doesn’t have that effect! NEVER GOING BACK. If you are looking for just a little light, natural coverage to cover up dark circles, this product is perfect.

Irene from “I have been using this product for a couple years now and I love it. I have a hard time finding makeup that matches my skin tone and this is just perfect and light for everyday.”


Dealing with combination skin can be a total drag, since oily and dry skin often calls for the use of different products.

Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

Garnier promises to simplify your beauty routine with this BB cream that is made for those who have both patchy and oily complexions. Users are also fans of the fact that it helped improve the overall quality of their complexions.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: Combination to Oily Skin, $11.36 at

Megan from “I’ve been using this product every day for almost 2 years and my skin has never been more clear! In my early 20s, I was still having breakouts and nothing seemed to work. I’ve tried many products and all the tricks in the book! Then I realized that maybe the foundation I was wearing had something to do with it. I was even wearing foundation that had acne medicine in it, but would still continually break out. My skin is now the best it’s been in years and I honestly think all of the credit should go to this product. It might not work for everyone, but hopefully someone will find it as helpful as I do!”

Ashley K from “I absolutely love this stuff! This is my normal routine: wash my face, apply a gentle moisturizer (I have oily skin) and then I apply this. I then finish with a compact powder, and ta-da! I tend to have blotchy/uneven skin and it covers extremely well! In the summertime I just put this on, and I’m ready to go! I don’t even need the cover up.”


If you’re seeking to create an I-woke-up-like-this look, Revlon’s BB cream might fool everyone into thinking you have naturally radiant skin. Reviewers appreciate the naturally flawless finish that this product lends their skin and recommend it as the perfect alternative to ultra-heavy foundations.Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector, $10.44 at Amazon

MJ from “I use this every day, even if I’m having a ‘no makeup’ day. It is so lightweight, yet also great at evening out tone and leaving a soft, dewy glow. I have been using it for over a year now, and have had no issues with breakouts or drying. Lasts all day without feeling like you are wearing heavy foundation.”

Triple7moto from “This has become my GO-TO makeup product. I stopped using foundation eons ago and have been looking for an adequate substitute. I use the PhotoReady Translucent powder and this lasts me through 12-hour shifts in the hospital — and I live in the tropics. It’s not perfectly matte, but that’s ok; it appears very natural. I get compliments on my skin. I don’t invest a lot of time in my routine, I squeeze it on my hand and rub it on my face; I don’t need primer or moisturizer anymore (I’m slightly oily/combo and SPF usually makes it worse), but it does come off if I rub my face.”

Physicians Formula

This drugstore BB cream has won a place in reviewers’ hearts because it primes, brightens, conceals and provides sun protection — all for under $15. Moreover, most users claim this multitasker has helped improve problem areas with regular use.Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

Physicians Formula Super All-In-1 Beauty Balm Cream, $14.99 at Ulta

Cokezeroqueen from “After receiving and emptying two samples, I sprung for the full size because my skin loves this BB. It has gotten clearer, softer and overall better looking since I began using. I have normal, acne-prone skin that does not do well under layers and layers of product. This combines sunscreen, moisturizer and primer all in one with just the right amount of coverage for me to wear to work.”

WalkinDasher from “It feels like a primer going on and I LOVE that it replaces the need for a moisturizer, sunscreen and primer. I HATE all those layers! It was quick, easy and felt like a dream! The time I saved made me feel like I could do the 3 minute make challenge!”

Rimmel London

Need to temper an oily T-zone? Then you might want to reach for this favorite BB cream among reviewers, who adore the long-lasting matte finish this Rimmel product provides.  Drugstore Beauty: Reviewers Rank the Top 7 BB Creams

Rimmel London Match Perfect BB Cream, $6.99 at Ulta

Becca from Ulta: “I have been wanting to try BB cream for awhile now, and I’m so glad I picked this up! I have dry skin in the morning but as the day goes on, I get a bit oily, and this is so perfect. It brightens in the right areas and keeps me pretty matte without being too heavy. The first day I wore it I got so many compliments on how I looked like I was glowing – the girls at work thought I met a cute guy. This is light enough but has excellent coverage and I’m going to be buying this again and again.”

Lauren from Ulta: “I purchased this the other day and was quite pleased with how it turned out. It brightened my face and covered blemishes; which was absolutely great! It’s perfect for a natural makeup look or a sick day even!”

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