About blackheads

About blackheads

Acne is caused by a number of reasons, but the most common are: oil overproduction in the sebaceous glands, excess dead cells and bacteria accumulation on the skin.

When the skin is irritated by any of these conditions, the blackheads occur. When pimples rise to the surface of the skin, they are called blackheads because of the dark appearance of the plugs in the hair follicles. When closed, they’re called pimples. For best results, use a cleanser and a gentle exfoliating as baking soda to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin.

The benefits of baking soda on the skin

The benefits of baking soda on the skinBaking soda is a wonderful tool for the acne treatment because its exfoliating properties help remove skin cells. You can also make your acne less noticeable because it removes dead cells that can make your skin look dry and dull. Apart from treating acne, baking soda has neutralizing properties, which may help reduce the redness associated with acne and skin irritation.

A natural cleanser and exfoliant

Baking soda is a wonderful natural exfoliant for face, lips and body. Its fine texture allows you to polish the skin gently unlike other products containing coarse granules that can tear the delicate facial skin. Baking soda is rough, but not too much. It’s the proper abrasive that can remove the top layer of dead skin cells, and if applied correctly, will not make your sensitive face skin blistered and irritated.
If you want to make a facial cleanser, mix baking soda and a few teaspoons of water until the solution takes a liquid soap texture. Use the mixture to clean the face and rinse with water. Also, when you wash your face, be sure to use warm water rather than hot. Hot water extracts moisture from your skin and can cause excessive drying. If the skin becomes too dry, it will try to restore moisture by activating the sebaceous glands that produce oil, exacerbating the acne problem. Furthermore, always moisturize the face after washing.

Baking soda facial mask

Baking soda facial mask While the baking soda granules can work as an exfoliant, you may also want to try a baking soda facial mask to unclog skin surface pores. Simply mix a handful of baking soda with a few teaspoons of water until you create a thick paste. Rub the mixture on the face and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. As the mixture dries, it will extract the clogged pores caused by oil and dirt.

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How to Remove Blackheads With Baking Soda