1. Movie Night

There are some movies that you just don’t watch with the family. Stay up late to watch that thriller or action-packed film.

2. Picnic in the Backyard

Who knew that your backyard could be perfect for your next date? Pack a picnic and head to the great outdoors. We also love to add music to the mix!
3. Go Through Memory Books/Boxes

5. Go Through Memory Books/Boxes
Spend time looking through the story of your family. Look through pictures, laugh at the mementos you come across and see how far you’ve come together. We have bins where we store all of our memories…a perfect go-to for date night!

5. Dance with Each Other

Dancing with your spouse is a great, fast way to reconnect. Simply turn on some music and start to sway. You can set the tone with the kind of music you select.

6.Write Poems or Letters

Sit across the room from each other and write a poem or love letter for the other. Then either read it to him/her or trade to read what the other wrote.

7 . Plan a Vacation

You may be at home now, but planning the excitement of time away is a good way to spend a date night. Talk about your ideas, look online for details and enjoy creating your next adventure.